The story of my fiancé and I begins in the summer of 2005. We attended the same high school but were two years apart. I knew who he was and would always look forward to seeing him walk past my locker in the morning. I finally got the opportunity to meet him at a mutual friend’s house and from the moment we met there was an instant attraction. We quickly began dating and the rest is history. 


I’m convinced that there is no one else in the world as great as he is. We’ve spent many years building a great relationship and being each other’s best friends. So after many years of dating the famous question from relatives was always “When are you two going to get married?” We were always good at laughing it off and changing conversation.  I enrolled back in college and we both agreed that our main priority was getting me through school. As many girls do, I often found myself thinking “maybe he will propose at my graduation” or “maybe it will happen when we go on vacation”.  But thinking about it is all I ever did. We very seldom talked about getting married or anything of that sort. 


My birthday rolled around and Ryan surprised me with a skydiving certificate. I had mentioned many times how bad I wanted to go skydiving and now I was finally getting the opportunity. I knew he would not be joining me on this adventure due to his fear of heights and that was perfectly fine with me. The day finally came and nerves set in. There are no words to describe how I felt during that jump. After a 35 second free fall and floating through air for 7 minutes, I could see the building where we left and started to brace myself for landing. But something on the ground caught my eye. I could tell it was some type of tarp with bright letters on it. I figured it was something for a class that was being taught. As we got closer to ground the writing on the tarp became very clear “Megan will you marry me?” was written.  I immediately lost it and the tears started flowing. After 9 years together I could not believe that this was happening. We landed and I quickly ran to embrace him. There was cheers and applauding going on and as I looked around I realized those cheers were from my family. Ryan had managed to completely surprise me and that whole day will be an experience I will never forget. 


So now the wedding planning begins! We’ve decided to get married September 26th, 2015 and we have many ideas on what our big day should be like. With both of us having large families and an even larger friend group, we know our wedding is going to be one that no one will forget, and we can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together.